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Featuring Stone Mountain Miniatures Figures, Buildings & Terrain and Colors Paints

We've been designing and manufacturing beautifully detailed, historically accurate miniature figures, buildings, and terrain since 1981. Our products are regularly nominated for awards. Both our Stone Mountain 15MM American Civil War figures and our Stone Mountain Buildings & Terrain have won the prestigious Origins/H.G. Wells Award.

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Prices on our beautiful paper flags have been reduced!


American Civil War 15MM
ACN26  Kepi with backpack, charging & advancing (22 troops, drummer, flagbearer)  $7.95
ACN27  Kneeling firing Kepi (21 troops, officer, drummer, flagbearer)  $7.95
ACN28  Kneeling Firing Soft Hat (21 troops, officer, drummer, flagbearer)  $7.95
Naval Artillery
ACN139  42# Smoothbore (A)  $7.95

Houston Ships
U.S.S. Ship Packs
HSS61  USS Colorado (frigate) and USS Wisschickon (gunboat)  $7.95
HSS62  USS Hartford (corvette) and USS Katahdin (gunboat)  $7.95
Fortifications & Accessories
HSS126  Wharf and 2 Warehouses  $14.95

Buildings & Terrain 6MM
English/European - Medieval to Modern
TRF903  Large Rural Walled Farm with house with thatched roof, and 2-story barn  $8.95
TRF905  Brick Manor House with grounds and hedge $7.95
TRF921  Large German Stone Church  $6.95
TRF925  Large Ruined Church (TRF921, ruined version) $6.95
TRF935  Oil Storage Tanks (2)  $6.95

Colors Paints
$1.95 each; any 6 for $11.00
ACW Naval Colors

C80 Blockade Runner Blue
C81 Wood Deck
C82 Canvas Sail
C83 Ironclad Dark Iron
C84 Ironclad Light Iron
C85 Waterline Red

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